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Forget the queues - Fresh produce straight to you!

Sydney fruit & vegetable experts for over 50 years

The Fruit Cart are fruit and veg professionals! The Fruit Cart is not just a business, it’s our life and passion and has been a family service for over 50 years. Family-owned and operated and now into our third generation in the fresh produce industry, the business continues to provide quality produce and service with a smile.

The Fruit Cart Boxes Ready To Deliver

Freshness & Crispness

The Fruit Cart only supplies quality produce that is in season. Nothing is frozen overnight to make it last longer like some companies. We put our customers first. You are guaranteed to receive freshly picked fruit and vegetables that are in season, so they will stay crisp for longer naturally.

Boxes in the Van - The Fruit Cart

Save Time & Money

We arrive at Flemington markets early in the morning to select the best produce for you, saving you the hassle and the time. We also deliver direct to your home or office. Receive around ten kilos of quality fruit and vegetables at a fantastic price and in a small fraction of the time.

The Fruit Cart Lots of Boxes

Be More Productive

Improve your health and productivity with fresh fruit and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals. Why spend money on saturated fat and chocolate when you can treat your body to protein-packed, energy-boosting bananas and other fruit instead? If you eat better, you’ll feel and work better!

The Best Fresh Food Boxes in Sydney

The Fruit Cart is all about keeping that old-school delivery service in a modern way by delivering fresh fruit to homes in the Inner West and Sutherland Shire.

Fresh produce, home delivery, great value and a friendly smile is the perfect recipe ensuring you get the best satisfaction both personally and financially.

This is what we do, ensuring that you have more time to utilise on the important things in life and a few more dollars in your pocket!

We Deliver

We hand pick the best fruit and vegetables at the markets and deliver them to your door.

Our areas include the Inner West and Sutherland Shire. View our delivery postcodes here.

Or put in a request for us to come to your area here. We will try to get there soon!

Eco Friendly

We believe in reduce, reuse, recycle.

We deliver straight to you from the markets, reducing our carbon footprint. Your produce will arrive in cardboard boxes from our suppliers. You can recycle or return them to us the next week, and we use as little plastic as possible.

Always Fresh

Fresh is best!!

Our produce is sourced fresh from Sydney Markets at Flemington.

The van is loaded by 7:30am, boxes are packed by 11am and delivered to your front door from midday that same day.

How fresh is that!?

10 kilos of fruit & veg for $69

My name is Simon and I’m all about having healthy fresh fruit and veggies either at home or in the office. 

We live in a crazy busy world and time is of the essence. As the slogan explains ‘Forget the queues. Fresh produce straight to you’

The Fruit Cart…Give it a go!

From all of us at The Fruit Cart – Thank you for shopping with us and keep smiling!


– Simon Hamad
Simon Hamad with finished product - The Fruit Cart

Improves concentration on training days

We are based in Surry Hills and run regular internal training days with approximately 15-20 attendees. We provide fruit and nuts for our attendees to snack on throughout the day and Simon Hamad, proprietor of the The Fruit Cart, is our supplier.

Simon is very pleasant and friendly to deal with and always delivers on time. His selection of fruit and nuts are fresh and seasonal and he is flexible to meet our needs e.g. supplying fruit that doesn’t need refrigeration when requested.

We would recommend The Fruit Cart to any work place large or small.


Large Corporate Customer

The freshest produce in Sydney

My husband and I have been enjoying The Fruit Cart since it’s inception. Why? Simply because it is the freshest produce we have found in Sydney! From the market that morning to our door that same afternoon. It lasts and lasts, which is evidence it is the best box of fruit and veg we have come across and it is in season. Thank you Simon.

Karen & Peter

Home Delivery Customer

Convenient office delivery

I’ve always been very impressed with the fruit delivered by The Fruit Cart. I’d recommend giving it a go to anyone looking for value for money, conveniently delivered, healthy snacks to get them through a working week.


Happy Customer

Tasty and time saving

It seemed too good to be true initially. I grilled Simon with a number of questions by email. But as soon as my first delivery arrived and I tasted the flavour and the quality of the fruit from The Fruit Cart, I was hooked! I’ll never go back to tasteless fruit again. I also appreciate the time-saving aspect of this service. It’s fantastic how Simon visits the markets, selects the best fruit and delivers it straight to my work. I would never have time to do that myself, so it’s perfect!


A Busy Small Business Owner

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. Discuss your taste preferences and dietary needs with us. We will accommodate up to 3 changes to the standard items that we pack. We look forward to hearing from you!