I aim to provide fruit that is in season, when it is both affordable and tasting its best. There is of course fruit that is available all year round, but on a personal level I will only offer this fruit if it is up to standard.

Summer FruitsI am a strong advocate for only supplying Australian fruit and support local growers when possible. These guys need our support. On rare occasions I might need to get fruit from our cousins in NZ – still keeping it in the family – but I will always specify if any fruit comes from abroad.

Fruit to expect include the following below. Please understand that they all wont be in the box weekly but can expect them to show up during Summer.

Mangoes                            Berries
Nectarines                         Cherries
Peaches                              Grapes
Plums                                 Oranges
Apricots                             Pineapples
Cherries                             Melon
Bananas                             Passionfruit